✨ The best teleportation plugin and the best MSpawns alternative! ✨

Always the best!

theSpawn has always had 5 stars out of 5 on poggit. In addition, theSpawn is always available for the la/ PocketMine-MP version.

Warping has never been easier!

With theSpawn you can easily create, delete and teleport to warps. You can choose icons and permissions for warps. It's never been better!

Editing warps can be so easy

You can easily edit the name, the position and the icon of any warp. You can also add and remove a permission for a warp. Have you seen anything like this before?

Home sweet home

Easily create, remove or teleport to homes. You can select a maximum number for homes by using a permission. It's best if you try it out right now!

Home editing

Edit the name and set a new position for your homes. It's so user-friendly and simple. Your players will love it!

Commands & Permissions

Command Description Permission
/setspawn Set the spawn of a world theSpawn.setspawn.cmd
/delspawn Delete the spawn of a world theSpawn.delspawn.cmd
/spawn Teleport you to the spawn of a world -----
/sethub Set a hub for your server theSpawn.sethub.cmd
/delhub Delete a hub for your server theSpawn.delhub.cmd
/hub Teleport you to a hub of your server -----
/setalias Set an alias-command for a world theSpawn.setalias.cmd
/removealias Remove an alias-command for a world theSpawn.removealias.cmd
/setwarp Set a warp theSpawn.setwarp.cmd
/delwarp Delete a warp theSpawn.delwarp.cmd
/editwarp Edit a warp theSpawn.editwarp.cmd
/warp Teleport you to a warp ----- | theSpawn.warp.admin
/sethome Set a home theSpawn.sethome.cmd (default: true)
/delhome Delete a home theSpawn.delhome.cmd (default: true)
/edithome Edit a home theSpawn.edithome.cmd (default: true)
/home Set a home theSpawn.home.cmd (default: true)
/tpa Send a tpa to a player theSpawn.tpa.cmd (default: true)
/tpahere Send a tpa here to a player theSpawn.tpahere.cmd (default: true)
/tpaccept Accept a tpa theSpawn.tpaccept.cmd (default: true)
/tpdecline Decline a tpa theSpawn.tpdecline.cmd (default: true)
/back Teleport you to your last death position theSpawn.back.cmd (default: true)


theSpawn is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. Developed by supercrafter333.

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